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You can install CUBE cloud remotely to compatible hardware in less than 2 minutes. The CUBE software runs on a small bridging device called a Cloud Adapter. Pairing the hardware with our cloud service via CUBE Cloud application on smartphone (available on Apple and Android). Once the setup is complete, you can view your camera live stream and recorded video events through the CUBE app and website. Recorded video events are saved in the CUBE cloud for the duration of your cloud recording plan.

Yes, CUBE can provide excellent offsite cloud backup to video stored locally on a DVR/NVR. Access our installation guides, and review the specifications.

Yes, using CUBE cloud can remove the need for local recording completely. With compatible IP cameras and a CUBE Cloud Adapter you can send video straight to the cloud.

Cloud Adapter 8 and Cloud Adapter 16 supports up to 8 or 16 cameras or recorder channels, respectively. If you are installing more than 16 cameras, you can use our Cloud Adapter 64 rack-mounted solution or simply stack as many 8-channel or 16-channel Cloud Adapters as necessary for the installation. The Cloud Adapter needs to be on the same local network as the security system, so if your cameras are situated across multiple locations you’ll need Cloud Adapter(s) at each location.

Amazon Web Services hosts the CUBE cloud. AWS also hosts thousands of other major brands across the world. CUBE uses two AWS data centers, one in Ireland and one in North Virginia, USA. Video will be stored in the nearest data center to your location.

We offer a variety of cloud recording plans, for example from 7 days cloud storage to 1-year cloud storage. If you require longer than 1-year storage this is also possible. To discuss this contact us.

If your security system is compatible with CUBE you can order a CUBE Cloud Adapter and create an account directly from the CUBE website here.

Yes we do, see our partners page for more information in the near future. We believe this promising program helpful for you.

Pricing & payment

CUBE cloud plan prices vary based on 2 key variables – how long you want to store your video for and what resolution you want your video to be recorded at. You can create your plan to see how much your cloud plan would be, and also how many CUBE Cloud Adapters you’ll need and the price for those.

When you create your CUBE account you can order CUBE Cloud Adapters, which you’ll be charged for immediately. In case you are having trial account with us, you won’t be charged for your CUBE cloud plan until the end of your 30-day free trial. At the end of your 30-day free trial, we’ll automatically charge the payment method entered at the time you created your account.

Please contact our exclusive distributor or Contact Us to know more about payment method for you or your company. We’re providing best deals for security professionals.

Yes, please contact us if you want to use CUBE with 30+ cameras, or you need to have customised options.

Yes we do, contact us as a CUBE partner to view the discounted price list for security professionals.