CUBE Cloud Adapter and Application.

Convenient. Anywhere. Anytime.

Easily storing footages from all surveillance devices

Make sure that your CCTV devices are protected from being damaged, malfunctioning, or being stolen.


(Alternatively, you may choose to record straight to the cloud, bypassing the need for a recorder entirely.)

Enjoy innovative features of a better cloud assistant


When an event occurs, don’t keep your CCTV film hidden away in a safe place, waiting to be used when the time is right. Use remote access to your cameras to monitor what’s going on in real time and receive fast notifications when something unusual happens. The pinnacle of proactive security.


Even basic video surveillance systems may be upgraded to intelligent ones without the need for pricey cameras, recorders, or corporate video management systems. Utilize CUBE’s intelligent features such as video analytics, live camera health monitoring, and sophisticated camera recognition zones. Anyone can use smart surveillance.

The hardware that enables the software

The CUBE Cloud Adapter is a bridging device which equips new and legacy video surveillance systems with CUBE’s offsite cloud video solution.


CUBE is compatible with major brands of security systems.


Alongside a recorder

Store video to a recorder & the cloud simultaneously to get the best of both worlds. ​

Direct to cloud

Record straight to the cloud to simplify the installation and save space onsite.


CUBE security

Discover why cloud systems are more secure than traditional security systems and find out more about CUBE’s security protocols.

Download CUBE Cloud

Freely explore it yourself

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