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Amazon Web Services hosts the CUBE cloud, along with tens of thousands of other major organisations (AWS). Northern Virginia and Ireland are now home to CUBE's two Amazon Web Services data centres. Depending on the customer's location, it may be stored at a data centre in their neighbourhood.

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Video encryption

256-bit encryption is used to encrypt video files while they are in transit and while they are stored on AWS servers.

Password encryption

Passwords for cameras and recorders connected to the CUBE cloud are secured using AES-256 during transmission, then saved on the cloud adapter using AES-128 and never sent outside the network.

Additional validation

End-to-end platform security mechanisms are routinely tested by CUBE using external penetration testers to ensure data protection.

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Latest updates

Security enhancements and additional capabilities are added to the CUBE Cloud Adapter on a regular basis to match all phone operation systems.

Identity protection

Only if required by law or requested by you, a few CUBE's seniors can examine raw video with multi-factor authentication, and several alarms are sent to other CUBE employees.

Quick support

CUBE Cloud has been used by a number of our clients, and they frequently ring us up to request additional cameras or additional locations, so we have a dedicated staff of support customers around the clock.

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