Cube Technology was designed in Australia, for Australians.

CUBE Company is a young innovation security brand that has quickly adapted to the fast-changing security technologies

CUBE offers the entire innovative surveillance security system with cameras, network recorders, and software to record, manage, and control the settings.

CUBE History

Australia was the inspiration for the Cube, which was created by Australians for Australia.

Cube was founded by a group of specialists with a single goal in mind: to provide Cloud Storage services to the security sector. As the demand for Cloud storage continues to expand, Cube recognises the importance of the method by which security video is saved in order to assure the safety and security of the footage. It was decided to form a young team of specialists with prior expertise in the information technology business in order to discover a solution to the ever-growing problem of video loss due to malfunctioning hard drives and damaged or stolen recorders. Cube was created in order to address this issue by adding security to the Cloud.

CUBE Technology

CUBE Technology helps the security sector adopt cloud video monitoring by allowing experienced CCTV installers to incorporate cloud video surveillance. Businesses may use CUBE Cloud to relocate their video surveillance system to the cloud. We’ve eliminated the financial and technical hurdles to uploading video to the cloud. CUBE Cloud – the soul of CUBE products – aims to pioneer in CCTV cloud storage and now offers security video analytics algorithms in applications.

CUBE’s mission is to provide professional CCTV installers, construction builders, and security retailers/dealers with the best cloud video recording option and stable remote monitoring software.

CUBE products

With the hype in the security industry, the most remarkable range of CUBE Surveillance Security System will bring to all users the highest satisfaction. 


This advanced CCTV solution allows homeowners/business-owners to watch your properties even if you aren’t there for long. Whether you’re at work, home, or on the road, CUBE helps make you feel safe.


CUBE Cloud is a unique cloud video surveillance complete system that permits remote access to all CCTV products via our mobile app. It now includes commercial integration with a selection of professional CCTV cameras.

Provenly ensuring that your local recorder is protected and boosts your safety to be…

  • Readily Available: With the mobile app or online browsers, access to your cameras from any location at any time.
  • More Secure: Up to 8MP (4K) CCTV footage can be securely stored in the cloud.
  • Actively Customizable: Detect and respond to real-time events using motion alerts that can be easily configured to suit your needs.
  • Intelligent: You can incorporate smart analytics into your existing CCTV systems to improve their intelligence

The CUBE software runs on a small bridging device called a Cloud Adapter.

If your security system is compatible with CUBE, you can order a CUBE Cloud Adapter and create an account directly from the CUBE website.

For more information, all CUBE CCTV products are available for Solar CCTV Solutions, which is also one of the best in CUBE Technology’s products.

Solar CCTV Solutions

CUBE’s solutions

CUBE’s best services offering includes retail, healthcare, and intelligent buildings (including the necessary fields such as education and public authorities). Their creative goods have made them a distinctive brand in the surveillance security industry.

Solution for Community

All retail store categories have theft and pilfering in common. Security measures are required at the entrance and throughout the premises. Using CUBE security and surveillance systems, owners can adequately monitor their facility, workers, and undesirable intruders.

Shopping Security

Solution for Business

Businesses and offices are ideal for video monitoring. Unlike convenience shops or petrol stations, offices have dangerous threats that a good security camera system may assist in preventing. CUBE works with powerful manufacturers and cloud services to assist company owners in safeguarding personnel and clients and avoiding theft.

Office Security

Solution for Residents

CUBE was invented to help Suburbans with security and technology issues. As experts in security systems, we can advise you on the most delicate CCTV system for your needs. We understand the importance of being a recognised company with reputed goods regarding pricey security systems. We guarantee that our proposed solutions fulfil your needs.

Housing Security

How does CUBE work?

1. Installation.

You can install CUBE cloud remotely to compatible hardware in less than 2 minutes. Pairing the hardware with CUBE cloud service via Cloud application on smartphone (available on Apple and Android).

Once the setup is complete, you can view your camera live stream and recorded video events through the CUBE app and website. Recorded video events are saved in the CUBE cloud for the duration of your cloud recording plan.

CUBE provides excellent offsite cloud backup to video stored locally on a DVR/NVR, with the completed installation guides and specifications review. On the other hand, using CUBE cloud can remove the need for local recording. Because with compatible IP cameras and a CUBE Cloud Adapter, you can send video straight to the cloud.

2. Video stored.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts the CUBE cloud. AWS also hosts thousands of other major brands across the world. CUBE connects with AWS  control centres in UK centres to store your video footage at the nearest locations if available.

3. Pricing & Payment.

CUBE offers a variety of cloud recording plans, for example, from 7 days cloud storage to 1-year cloud storage. If you require longer than 1-year storage, this is also possible.

4. Convenience of having Cloud on your system.

CUBE cloud plan prices vary based on two key variables:

  • How long you want to store your video for;
  • What resolution you want your video to be recorded.

You can create your plan to see how much your cloud plan would be, and also how many CUBE Cloud Adapters you’ll need and the price for those.

When you create your CUBE account, you can order CUBE Cloud Adapters, which you’ll be charged for immediately. We’ll automatically charge the payment method entered at the time you created your account. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account on the CUBE website. We have a demo version to try before the actual approach. If you cancel your plan before the end of your 30-day free trial, you’ll be moved to our free plan at the end of the trial. On our free plan, you can still view your camera live streams, but no video will be recorded to the CUBE cloud. Please contact us for more information.


CUBE works with powerful manufacturers and cloud services to assist company owners in stakeholders’ security and theft prevention.

“Designed in Australia, for Australians.”