CUBE and Exclusive Distributor - A perfect couple of Smart Security Solutions in Australia



CUBE Company is a young invention in security that has adapted fast to the continually changing landscape of security technology.

CUBE provides all customers and users with a cutting-edge surveillance security solution.


“Designed by Australians, for Australia” – CUBE’s CEO.


CUBE Technology


Smart CCTV System


Surveillance Security System, CUBE’s most impressive product line, provides the highest level of pleasure to all customers.

When you’re away from your property, you can keep an eye on it using CUBE CCTV.

At the moment, artificial intelligence (AI) products and services are all the rage and leading the charge in technological innovation.

Because of the powerful analytics capabilities of CUBE Surveillance Products’ clever AI features, your CCTV system may produce and receive alerts based on what your cameras see. It’s easier to identify certain video moments by searching for specific dates or objects than it is to comb through hours of videotape.


CUBE Cloud service and Cloud Adapter


In order to safeguard your CCTV devices from being damaged, malfunctioning, or stolen, CUBE Cloud makes it easy to save video from all of your surveillance systems.

If you don’t want to use a recorder, you may just record directly to the cloud.

Innovative features from the cloud assistant of CUBE


Don’t store your CCTV footage in a secure location, waiting to be utilised when the moment is perfect. Instead, use it immediately. Monitor what’s going on in real-time and get alerts when something strange occurs by using remote access to your cameras.

Proactive security at its finest.

Without expensive cameras, recorders, or video management systems, even simple surveillance systems may be transformed into sophisticated ones. Incorporate advanced camera detection zones and video analytics into your workflow with CUBE.

Smart surveillance is accessible to everyone.






















8 channels CCTV solution with 8 cameras/recorder channels

16 channels CCTV solution with 16 cameras/recorder channels

64 channels CCTV solution with 64 cameras/recorder channels

8MP/4K Support

32GB 3.0 USB drive – video stored to USB drive

Micro-HDMI – local live display functionality

Micro-SD card running CUBE Cloud software

Suitable temperature: 0-50oC / 32-122Of

Free support

5 years warranty

Free shipping

Cloud Adapter 8 and Cloud Adapter 16 supports up to 8 or 16 cameras or recorder channels, respectively. If you are installing more than 16 cameras, you can use our Cloud Adapter 64 rack-mounted solution or simply stack as many 8-channel or 16-channel Cloud Adapters as necessary for the installation.

In the case of many sites, while using the CUBE Cloud app, it is easy to transfer CCTV footage to the office so that you or other members may review it as required; even from a mobile device, the complete system may be handled efficiently.


Checking CUBE compatibility


In order to connect on-premise security systems to the cloud-based CUBE platform, CUBE Cloud Adapter is required.

You may use a local recorder to sync with the cloud or record straight to the cloud.

CUBE only supports H.264 compression.




You may still wish to record locally. Suppose, however, that you need to preserve the footage for longer than the recorder can save it or that you wish to safeguard the recorder from theft or damage? Using both a recorder and the cloud at the same time allows you to get the most out of your time.

Become a part of the cloud revolution now! It is possible to record straight to an online storage service and subsequently erase the recording device. Simplify the installation process, minimise the amount of space needed on site, and remove the possibility of a recorder being stolen or failing.

 While CUBE’s customer support staff has put up a comprehensive website to assist new customers with a variety of queries and difficulties, the reputation distributor is always an important part of the equation. If you’re trying to save money on CCTV devices, they can put you in touch with suppliers that can provide it at a reasonable price while also providing the quality service your business requires.


Since understanding the struggles of working with a new system, CUBE has set the mission to find the best supporter in the security market, who will be with customers at all requests. Therefore, CUBE has picked TRANTECH as the only distributor in Australia because of the “Design in Australia, for Australians” ethos. 


Trantech’s mission is to provide clients with the best possible service and support, as well as high-quality products that run smoothly and reliably. They promise to advocate for accountability, openness, and honesty with their investors and shareholders. As a result of their efforts, Trantech hopes to cultivate a positive work environment that fosters advancement, creativity, and inspiration for all employees and a community that is both safe and growing. 


Not only provide customers with quality products and services at the right price but also have enough stock and materials to meet customer demands, TRANTECH Security Wholesaler is assured that you will have your jobs/projects covered from A to Z.!


TRANTECH – the top rating security wholesaler in Australia is already in stock the best surveillance security cameras system with CUBE Technology Security Solutions for 2022




TRANTECH has now gained a reputation within the industry as a predominant name in security wholesale, gaining an abundance of trust from licensed security installers and electricians throughout Australia. From pre-sale advice in CCTV and alarms to technical issues onsite or even significant project planning, we are here to assist every step of the way.


The opportunity to pool resources is one of the biggest advantages of working with a reliable partner like TRANTECH. Both of us has come to a win-win agreement by sharing information, solutions, expertise, troubleshooting, and even market research.


As a result of working with a trustworthy partner, CUBE’s productivity rises and the expenses associated with growth are reduced.


To CUBE Technology, brand familiarity is essential. We believed that TRANTECH would be achieving top position in the short future with their effort and strong investment in the security market, which appears to be linked to our success.


As a part of its business development strategy, CUBE recognises that the availability of vendors and suppliers is critical. We must ensure that all clients receive a response in the shortest amount of time and with the most thorough information possible. Our selection process excludes candidates who are unable to engage in a discussion outside of an emergency situation, ask difficult questions or find time in their schedule.


With consumers, business associates, channel alliances, and teammates, I think that the only way to thrive in business success is to develop trusting partnerships rather than just business partnerships


Do you want to be a part of making our society safer and living more intelligently by utilising CUBE Technology?


If that’s so, with the exclusive cooperation of CUBE Technology in security solutions, TRANTECH has just now arranged all of your security needs in stock.


TRANTECH stands out from other wholesalers in the security sector because they are 100 per cent devoted to helping all Australian clients with their famous customer service programme. That includes CUBE technology, which delivers the finest cloud video recording and remote monitoring software for professional CCTV installations, integrators and resellers.


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